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The gastronomy of Mallorca is a delight.

In the largest of the Balearic Islands there is also good food. The gastronomy of Mallorca has much to discover on a visit to this destination in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mallorca is a place whose culinary culture has various influences. Due to its maritime location, it was a point through which several cultures passed, something that can be seen in many of its dishes and typical products, which demonstrate its historical richness through its flavors.
The typical food of Mallorca is really exquisite: very genuine flavors of the sea and the land, which are not lacking in good accompanying wines and sweet desserts to finish off.

From the Majorcan sobrassada that combines very well with bread and a slice of local cheese, the tumbet as a Mediterranean dish to the marrow with a recipe that dates back to the 16th century and the Majorcan soup that can revive all the roots and culture of the place, we can delight ourselves with other dishes that are still tasty and exquisite, such as Frito mayorquín, escaldum and the enviable Coca de Trampó, the most popular version on the island.

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